About The Visible College

TVC is based in Glastonbury, and our loose structure allows us to be flexible about the learning and events we provide to the magical community. You can find out more about our events in Glastonbury, our appearances elsewhere, and our online courses throughout the website.


Here's a little more about us, starting with our four lead officers:


Sef Salem - Events Manager


Moving to Glastonbury in 2012 after a varied and well-travelled magical career, Sef offered to take on the Occult Conference in Glastonbury to showcase the contribution organised groups can and should make to the community. This led to the Occult Conference 2014: Organs of the Body of God - and was a huge success.

That year, the first event for The Visible College was created, our 2014 Autumn Session. Gathering contributions in current research from across the occult spectrum, this led to two days of lectures which can be seen on YouTube, listed in this blog post.

Sef's magical background is in Gnostic Christianity, and through the O.T.O. Thelema, and his personal praxis draws on grimoires such as Liber Armadel, the techniques developed by Aleister Crowley, and a results-based (or Chaos) approach.

While Sef was the driving force behind The Visible College at its inception, he takes equal responsibility with the other three lead officers, focusing on the events TVC hosts in Glastonbury, and our range of workshops which can be brought to your group on request.

James North - Executive Officer

James studied Classical Philosophy at Oxford and the Warburg Institute, and settled in Glastonbury in 2014. He is an experienced lecturer and a practitioner of Hermetic Qabalah, and an initiate of Hermetic and Alchemical groups, and has lectured extensively in London and Glastonbury on these concepts and more. James's main focus is on the inner alchemical process, and Tikkun Olam - the act of creating the perfect world.

Joining Sef for a series of Angelic workings throughout 2016, together they led a very well received workshop at 2016's Occult Conference: Time of the Gods. Finding common ground and shared purpose, James came on board with The Visible College to shape the online learning developed by our faculty of tutors, the first phase of which is now available here.

As Executive Officer, James's responsibilities centre around integrating the various functions of The Visible College to better support individuals of the occult community to achieve spiritual and physical independence.

Dr Liz Williams - Director of Learning


Liz is a long-standing member of the Glastonbury community, and facilitated the first ever Occult Conference in Glastonbury in 2010 under the Witchcraft Shop banner, which runs the magical tools and curios emporium Cat & Cauldron in the town centre. An accomplished author of science fiction and the Guardian's Pagan correspondent, Liz brings a great deal of structural support to our robust online courses, and acts as co-ordinator for our lecture events.

Following the Occult Conference in 2016: Time of the Gods, Liz and her partner Trevor Jones came on to the main committee overseeing 2017's Conference: Theory & Practice, and successfully wrangled the range of lecturers appearing at the two-day extravaganza. Her course in Foundational Practical Magic is a thorough and empowering investigation of the key tools of Western Ceremonial Practice, and draws on her training with Wiccan, Druid, and Hermetic initiatory groups.

As an academic and long-time educator in both the occult and more mundane arts, Liz is responsible for reviewing, editing, and distributing our online courses, and maintaining links with those providing material to our students.

Trevor Jones - Celebrancy Lead

Trevor is a long-term Glastonbury Resident, with a solid IT career behind him. He has been running the Witchcraft Shop and Website since 2003, making it one of the oldest retail businesses in town, currently located at Cat & Cauldron in the Town Centre. Trevor makes many of the shop stock items - wands, altar boards, candles, oils & incenses, and spends much of the rest of his time sourcing the unique range of curios available.

Trevor has been closely involved in the running of the Occult Conference in Glastonbury since its inception, as well as many other town events and music gigs. Since 2010 when he graduated as a very mature Classics & History student at the Open University, he has taken an active interest in 18th Century literature and Occult history in general. He is planning a range of biographical talks for The Visible College, and assists in developing courses and managing our events and workshops.

With over a decade's experience celebrating handfastings and funerals for the Pagan community in the South West of England, Trevor is ideally placed to oversee our celebrancy services, and co-ordinates with local wedding venues and places of worship.


Other contributing members of TVC take roles as appropriate for our projects, but all have a wealth of experience in the occult:

Dr Sally North - Ellen Long-Common - Brad Crowley - & others of our teaching Faculty

Bios appearing soon