Lectures and Workshops for your event

Do you need a witty and charismatic speaker for your conference or speaking engagement? Sef Salem and James North are magicians for hire, and regularly travel across the length and breadth of the UK to give lectures and workshops for other groups and events.

Here are some of the topics you can book using our enquiries form:



  • Exorcism: A Modern Guide - An evening of entertaining stories and practical tips for contacting and dealing with unwanted spirits, including house clearances, psychic attachment, and exercises for protecting and strengthening the aura. For all levels of practitioner.
  • The Path of the Rose - Two-day intensive pathworking course, transporting you to the Domain of the Archangels as described in the Grimoire of Armadel, for a transformative spiritual progression towards the Divine Centre. No prior knowledge of angelic magick required, astral working helpful.
  • Weapons-Grade Magick - Stripping down the magician to core concepts, investing in the potential to become the Ideal Self, and attuning participants to their best course going forwards. Group ritual work, astral work, and intimate discussion. Not for beginners. 

Seminars are designed for private groups, and will be tailored to the individual needs of those participating. For further information, and testimonials if required, please email in to The Visible College.

Angelic Magick

  • Using Angels in Witchcraft - Investigating Angels as spirits and watchtowers in circles for sympathetic and focussed magick
  • Planetary Angels Dos & Don'ts - A guide to using Angels in Planetary Magick, focusing on Agrippa and Trithemius
  • Liber Armadel in Theory and Practice - A practical introduction to a very effective manual, with or without a workshop component

Metaphysics and Magick

  • Crisis Point Magick - How to get the most leverage from an event by constantly working magick
  • You've Heard This Lecture Before - The metaphsyics of déjà vu, and how to take control of future events
  • Editing the Narrative - Macroscopic magick and creating results through determining your own storyline
  • ‡ Weaponized Ego (workshop)  - Using the LVX formula to destroy unwanted emanations of the Self to become the Perfected Magician
  • † Building the Body of God - How cross-tradition co-operation in the Occult subculture can lead to a greater capacity for real change
  • † The Mark of the Beast: Thelemic Sex Magick (workshop) - A technical guide to Liber V vel Reguli as a group ritual
  • † Thelemic Boot Camp - A start-up guide to Thelemic practice and acting in accordance with your Will

Why book speakers from The Visible College?

Sef has been working magick across ceremonial and sorcerous disciplines for a decade and a half, and gives regular lectures and workshops for groups including the Pagan Federation and Ordo Templi Orientis. Sef has run multiple successful magical groups, and a short occult CV is available upon request.

Sef's main interests are metaphysics as it applies to the cycle of incarnation, the purposes and goals of incarnation, and how to achieve those goals. In other words, how you got here, why you came, and what to do next. This is dangerously close to life-coaching, but it's a risk Sef's willing to take. These are tempered by Sef's background as a Gnostic, and his long-standing work with Angelic spirits. Sef utilises these skills to bring occultists together for TVC's conferences and immersive workshops, as our Events Manager.

James, a classically trained scholar, is an initiate of Hermetic and Alchemical groups and brings a thorough understanding of the history of the Western Mystery Tradition, the route the magical arts have taken in occulture, and where these teachings can be applied to better the world. His work in the Dion Fortune mystery tradition in particular gives a strong focus on the social responsibilities of the magician, and the qabalistic concept of Tikkun Olam is central to his practice.

James is well known at Treadwell's bookshop in London for his insightful and thought-provoking lectures, and since moving to Glastonbury he has delivered long-format courses on Alchemy, Neo-Platonic Hermetics, and Foundational Qabalah. His foundational course on Initiatory Magic is now available online through The Visible College, and he is Director of Studies for our distance learning programmes.

Retired Lectures:

These lectures may still be available if you corner Sef in the pub...

These lectures may still be available if you corner Sef in the pub...

  • The Blue Equinox: Building a Free Society - The founding documents of O.T.O. and Aleister Crowley's vision for Thelemic Utopia
  • "To look forth upon men, to tell them this glad word" (O.T.O. bookings only) - On promulgation and setting up a successful Local Body
  • Changing the Past by Listening to the Future - An examination of how higher-dimensional string theory applies to Magick

Lectures which are booked for the future, or previously delivered to events, as follows:

  • Changing the Past by Listening to the Future at September
  • Path of the Rose course at Glastonbury Reception Centre & Sanctuary (click for tickets!), from April 2015, previously run privately in Glastonbury
  • Planetary Angels Dos & Don'ts at the Wessex Research Group, February 2015
  • The Blue Equinox: Building a Free Society at PF Mid-West Crowley Conference September 2014
  • The Mark of the Beast: Thelemic Sex Magick workshop at the Occult Conference representing O.T.O. in March 2014
  • Building the Body of God abridged version given as keynote address for above (video link here), discussed on The Blog of Baphomet
  • "To look forth upon men, to tell them this glad word" at the O.T.O. Assembly of the Brethren August 2013
  • Weaponized Ego workshop at a private group of advanced practitioners in June 2013
  • Thelemic Boot Camp used by Calix Sanctus Oasis O.T.O. to introduce new initiates to Thelemic Practice throughout 2013
  • Crisis Point Magick at the Bournemouth Conference of Magick October 2011
  • Angels in Witchcraft and Changing the Past by Listening to the Future at the PF Mid-West Conference May 2010