Prologue - an introduction to The Visible College

This is not your great-grandfather's magick.

The past is fractured and unreliable. Everyone knows someone who had a bad ride and decided the old ways weren't the good ways. Secrecy, gossip, infighting, outfighting. Where did the fun go? Where did the people go? Where did the events go?

Start with a conversation. Talk about magick. Discuss where you would like to go and what you want to see there. Anything would be possible:

  • A Faerie Kingdom emerging from the mists just long enough for ancient wisdom and delicious caprice to teach you their ways and trick you into a game of life and death and knowledge and beauty.
  • A magnificent steampunk city descending from the skies upon the holy sites of Britain, bringing the eccentric and eclectic and electric wizards out to play and show off their latest research and contraptions.
  • The slumbering of dragons buried deep in the earth and the subconscious is interrupted to make a new promise of vigour and knowledge, coiled energy transforming the darkness as the year draws to a close.
  • A sudden vision of a heartfelt plea from the Divine and the Diabolical to remember the old gods and befriend the new gods, before all that is left of the world is reality television and your interminable commute - streamed live across the world to watch from your computer.

As quickly as it arrived, it is gone, and you can't be sure it was ever really there - but you know you want to go to the next one.

The Visible College is set up to promote networking in the Occult and Esoteric community, and to enable and democratise the access to and production of good writing in the same areas. It is also designed to be fun and a little cheeky, and to make sure quality events are available for the occult renaissance we are enjoying at the moment.

In collaboration with groups across Britain, we have four events set up for next year following from The Visible College's launch in October in Glastonbury. You will want to be there. You will want us to come to you. We will be happy to oblige.

A new way of talking about magick.

A new way of working magick.

Everything and nothing, ready to make reality up as it goes along, where you have not just the choice but the honour of how and when and where you take part. Come and see.