Cameos & Events from The Visible College

The Summer has been a busy time, with some great regular events in Glastonbury and Bristol, and we are now looking forward to Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Also new on the website is a full list of Sef's available lectures and workshops, specially put together following recent enquiries from far and wide!

You can get in touch for further information on any of these events, or inviting TVC to your event. Come and see.

• Sef Salem speaking at the Pagan Fed Mid-West Crowley Conference - 13th September

Sef will be delivering the final lecture for the PF at Clun Memorial Hall in Shropshire, titled "The Blue Equinox: Building a Free Society"

This talk will focus on the founding documents of O.T.O. and the Thelemic Utopia which this model for the Order can bring about. Other speakers include Geraldine Beskin of the Atlantis Bookshop, Gary Nottingham, David Benton, and Robin E Cousins. Tickets are on sale now at the PF website linked above. 

• The Visible College: Autumn Session - 4th-5th October

The Visible College has enjoyed successful regular events in Glastonbury and Bristol, and we are looking forward to a two-day conference on 4th and 5th October with full details on the Session's page.

Saturday will involve necromancy, Egyptian daemons, and the links between Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune; Sunday will challenge accepted mythology, look at strange and sacred drugs, and investigate the events of 1904 for Crowley and Carl Jung. We have a wonderful selection of speakers, and every ticket will include an e-book with further essays around these subjects by guest contributors.

The early-bird weekend tickets are still priced at £25 until 15th September, so head over to pick these up at a bargain if you haven't already signed up. Can't make it in person? No problem! All lectures will be recorded, and streaming and digital download option will be available shortly after the event has closed. Just pick up an online ticket and you'll be invited to connect.

• The Visible College: Bournemouth Session - 25th January 2015

Witches! Heretics! Politics! Join The Visible College and hosts from the Conference of Magick in Bournemouth next January, for a day investigating the links between religious persecution, the modern witchcraft movement, and a special workshop designed to create real change within and without the occult and esoteric community. Further details will be announced on the Session's page here.

• The Occult Conference 2015: Weapons of the Body of God - 21st March 2015

An expanded Conference ready to take over the whole of Glastonbury, we will have even more excitement and practical opportunities for you. Next year's Occult Conference will focus on the magical tools of Divination, Protection, Evocation, Invocation, and Trance, with an exclusive group magick opportunity. A full website with all details will be up and running soon.

• The Path of the Rose: A Glastonbury Reception Centre Course - from April 2015

Sef Salem will be leading a course of pathworkings through the greater seals of the Grimoire of Armadel. This visionary Rosicrucian technique gives great results, and the course will run over 7 months. See the Glastonbury Reception Centre & Sanctuary website for full details once they are confirmed.