The Occult Conference & TVC Spring

Spring Equinox Events Bigger Than Ever!

The Visible College is teaming up with The Occult Conference in Glastonbury to produce a twinned event, taking place across the mystical town, where you can learn and take part in exciting lectures, workshops, and therapies. Tickets are on sale now and discounts will continue until Sunday 8th March! You can pick yours up here.

Full schedule here, click through for details and workshop times.

TVC Spring Poster, design & artwork by Sean Woodward

The Occult Conference Poster, design & artwork by Sean Woodward

TVC Spring Session: The Sorcery of Social Change

Are you angry about the situation in the UK? From welfare/NHS cuts to fracking, the Coalition has done a number on the things magicians of all types care about. Are you "mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore"? Then let's make a difference.

  • Emma Smith kicks us off by presenting a history of the Kemetics, and the challenges they faced and overcame to be a recognised belief system in the UK.
  • Peter Grey follows with "Keeping Silence in the Digital Age", an examination of the Fourth Power of the Sphinx in the modern world, and how important that is to our magical paths.
  • The morning concludes with a round-table Q&A on these subjects, and introduces our final speaker: Lembit Opik.
  • In the afternoon, Lembit, former Member of Parliament and Director of Communications for GSK, will give a presentation "May The Force Be With You" investigating the structure of power in the UK, how it can be influenced on a local level, and why the participation of Pagans, magicians, and occultists is not just possible but vital to protecting our interests going forwards.

Magick has long been integral to governance and the shape of society, from Greek Oracles to Roman sacrifices, and following through well into the Renaissance in figures such as Agrippa, Dee, and Kelly  having the counsel of kings and queens. Changing the society in which we live is the right and responsibility of all magicians and we must take back this power. Let's start at the Spring Equinox.

TOC 2015: Weapons of the Gods

In 2014, the Occult Conference set out to show what the Occult Community could achieve when it set aside its differences, and acted together as Organs of the Body of God. We explored the descent of five Traditions to the modern day, and learned about the magick they had to offer to the coming together of witches, sorcerers, and magicians.

Now we look to see how every individual can take control of their destiny with important techniques, handed down within and without Traditions across the world:

Each strand of the tapestry of magick will have its own speaker and workshop, and you can go to as many or as few as you'd like. We're also having a selection of stalls selling art, books, and services, and you can enjoy TVC's own Tarot & Tipple in the George & Pilgrim throughout the day.

With our speakers, Paul Weston, Jake Stratton-Kent, Emma Doeve, Matthew Levi Stevens, and Sean Woodward, and workshops from Emma, Matthew, Sean, Kim Huggens, Siany Dragonoak, Simon Bastian, and Alkistis Dimeche, you're in for a packed schedule and plenty to choose from as you attend our fantastic event.



The Bacchanal Ball - After Dark

This year's Occult Conference will have another big finish - this year, the Bacchanal Ball! We've put together a complete package for the evening, making sure that we improve on last year's Jupiterian Ball. And all for only £10!

In the Main Hall we'll host the biggest toga party to hit Glastonbury in years. Come dressed as your favourite Roman-Greco deity, nature spirit, or mythological hero. The evening is strictly over 18 only so feel free to be as risqué as you like, and really get into character!

Throughout the evening, the folks at Pan Summers (link NSFW!) will be on hand to judge the costumes you and your party bring to the Ball - with the winner(s) receiving a stylised sketch by artist Yuri Leitch! A fine end to the evening to be sure, but that's not all we'll have:   

  • The bar area will be serving drinks throughout the evening, with seating and space to catch up on the wonderful connections events like the Conference are here to foster.
  • Downstairs in the Red Room we'll have a lock-in cocktail speakeasy: you check in with a fiver, pick up a drink, and leave when you're done!
  • The Green Room will hold our charity raffle, this year offering all proceeds to the Library of Avalon after its disastrous flooding. Tickets will be available throughout the day, with prizes donated by stallholders and local businesses.

You can see what a fantastic event this will be, and we even have a room dedicated to chilling out and coming back to earth on Sunday. Why not come and see?