Watch all videos from TVC: Autumn

After six months, we now have all five videos from TVC: Autumn Session online and available to watch for free! These are hosted on the YouTube channel of Scarlet Imprint, for which we are eternally grateful.

Due to technical difficulties we were only able to keep the original secure files uploaded for one month, so to anyone who was not able to view these files before they came down, please email us on and we will offer you exclusive discounts on upcoming events. We will also provide copies of the presentations, and other material further down the line.

So here, in their order of appearance over the weekend, are the five videos from October. Please note that the first three experienced some technical camera differences, which were rectified for the Sunday's videos. Enjoy!

Mogg Morgan presenting on: The Pharonic Shaytan, Daemons of Ancient Egypt at The Visible College

Geraldine Beskin of the Atlantis Bookshop presenting on: Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune Sexologists, at TheVisible College.

Duelling necromancers: JSK and Kim Huggens in conversation.

Gordon White of on dragons, from the Visible College Autumn Session 2014.

Paul Weston presenting on Crowley & Jung: Liber AL & Seven Sermons to the Dead at The Visible College.