Energy and Information - a Pathworking Primer

"Why Pathworking?"

 This material is taken from last Sunday's introductory session of the Path of the Rose course. For more information on upcoming lectures, see the Available Lectures and TVC On Tour pages.

Let's look at paradigms, and specifically one I would like you to consider for this series of pathworkings. What do you know about the relationship between matter and energy? As it turns out, they are largely the same thing.

Relativity states that the energy of any matter is directly proportional to the square of the speed of light, when at rest. A table, for instance, is energy made manifest, and is tactile due to the electromagnetic repulsion your own vibrating matter experiences when brought close to it. So we can say that we have a table, and it is solid, and that it is composed of matter which is energy.

But what about the idea of a table? The knowledge, or information, of what a table is, does not itself have either mass or energy. When you read the word "table" you understand the idea, but that is not transmitted by the photons of light entering your eyes, nor is it transmitted by the soundwaves compressing your ear drum when the word table is spoken. So we can say that the idea or information of "a table" is separate from the energy required to manifest a table.

The link between the two is consciousness, and it is your consciousness which understands that the information of "a table" is referring to that table over there. An object without consciousness, such as a door, cannot understand that the word "table" when spoken to it or drawn on paper refers to the table over there. By virtue of your incarnation, you have chosen to place your consciousness into a body made of matter, which is energy, and you carry around as much information as will fit - not very much as it turns out.

Now we are here to speak to spirits and to be given information by them. Spirits such as these Angels are different from those of us walking around in a body; they comprise mostly of information as their connection to the source is pure and uncluttered by having to walk around in a meat bag. They have as much energy as can be mustered, depending on various factors, but this is much much less than the energy used to create these human avatars for us. As a result, the paraphernalia of ritual is used to evoke the spirits in order for them to appear and converse with us, a costly exercise which uses up energy in order to establish and maintain a connection. We drag their consciousness down (or up) here to us in the hopes that we can keep it up long enough to receive something useful.

What about going the other way? If we were able to access the same mechanism by which they appear to us, but this time leave behind our physical shells and project our consciousness to the divine or infernal realms, then their energy could be spent on transferring to us the information in a more direct manner, and on their own terms. We can move away from cajoling and pleading and threatening spirits, to an exchange of information, and at the same time removing the distractions of attempting to run an avatar while suspending disbelief in the magick we are performing.

So let's take a trip to somewhere else, and engage with multi-dimensional celestial waveforms, to see about cutting the noise and boosting the signal. A pathworking using these seals and sigils will let us get straight to the Source; whether that is within or without is up to you. Come and see.