The Occult Conference 2017: Theory & Practice

Glastonbury's Finest Magical Event will return Spring 2017

We're going to move the date again, to keep everyone on their toes, and to keep costs low for an exciting new development - an all-inclusive ticket including accommodation! Of course you can still pick up weekend, day, or single workshop tickets, but as our international visitors grow, we're hoping to provide camaraderie from the very beginning of the weekend through to the last beat.

That's right - we're covering Saturday and Sunday, with a pre-party on Friday night, and live acts on Sunday evening!

Theory & Practice: Does what it says on the tin

This year's extended workshop lengths were a huge success, and having good, practical workshops where you can learn from experienced practitioners of the Occult Arts has been an integral part of the Conference.

We're putting these front and centre for you next year, and some of our most well-known speakers will be leading workshops, not giving lectures. You'll still be able to speak to them and ask questions during the extended breaks we'll be having between lectures, but make no mistake - we're here to do the Work.

You can also look forward to not one, but two large group rituals next year. We'll be hosting another celebration of Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass by members of Ordo Templi Orientis on the Sunday afternoon, and a large Open Circle to finish Saturday's lectures, which will comprise a host of fabulous speakers from across the UK - and beyond!

Threaded through the weekend, we will be bringing the theoretical and practical together, and on Sunday morning this will take us to the act of physical magick - Yoga and Tai Chi, with Meditation and Pathworking workshops, while our brilliant cafe offers potions and restorative meals to mend the weary and energise our guests.

...and let's remember to have a great time!

Our evening Ball has been spectacular each year, so in a classic case of ain't-broke-no-fixing, we'll be throwing open the venue's doors on Saturday evening for a themed disco - and yes we're taking submissions. What could be better than a great night in the company of fellow occultists? Two nights!

On Sunday evening we'll be hosting live music and revelling through to midnight, to make sure every last chance for fun is made the most of at the event. 

Full confirmation of dates and early-bird prices will follow soon, so stay tuned, and remember to like & follow our page on Facebook and Twitter feed to be first to pick up your ticket for The Occult Conference 2017: Theory & Practice.