Doubling Down: Here be Crazy Angels

Stanton Drew, Beltane 2016

I was going to review Star.Ships, honest, but I've been digging through two new books and so I haven't got it in me to go back through Gordon's original tome for the proper quotations etc I'd need to do it justice. Later, I promise. For now, you can enjoy the launch of the new website for the Occult Conference, which I've put together with our second round of speaker announcements!

I also had two weeks of holiday, in which I did major gallivanting such as helping to officiate at an Open Beltane Circle, drinking with Gordon on his flying visit to Glasto, pulling together some future events, and other shenanigans described below.

Instead, here's some fun facts about TVC and my practice that you may or may not be aware of.

 Have you seen these drunken occultists? Magick is serious business, y'know.

Have you seen these drunken occultists? Magick is serious business, y'know.

1. Yes - it's largely just me.

TVC was incepted by a confluence of events in my life and, as Gordon put it last week, “spent time being a weird hybrid mutant” where nobody was sure how it was going to land, and that includes myself. While it was imagined as encompassing partnerships across the UK for events, they eventually didn't come off, and after my last post I definitely need to hold my hands up and admit that those failures were in large part my own hubris or lack of management, or in the end time to get things done.


2. That's not always true

I do have others working with me, and they are largely the awesome guys and gals you see at the Occult Conference helping on the door or ushering people about or running for bacon and coffee (MVP job). That isn't a whole lot of assistance in the planning stages, and each year I've had one or two people coming in, to kick my ass and help me pull it together usually when it comes close to crunch time.

 Matthew Levi Stevens of WhollyBooks

Matthew Levi Stevens of WhollyBooks

This year is different. The fantastic people at Witchcraft Ltd are wrangling half of the speakers, such as Janet Farrar and Ronald Hutton, and now the magicians behind WhollyBooks are coming in to assist with media and publishing - yes, we'll be having a brochure this year, included electronically with Weekend tickets, or hard copy available on the day to purchase. Furthermore, I am not alone in tracking down venues, admin, ticket management, and all the other finicky bits which make the process smoother for those who attend.


3. Yes, I'm a member of Ordo Templi Orientis.

Gnostic Mass at the Occult Conference 2016

I joined O.T.O. in 2010, and have had a great time. Initiations, Masses, networking, partying. It's great, and I did indeed move to Glastonbury in large part to found an Oasis here, called Calix Sanctus. I've also managed to annoy half of the Order with my ecumenical approach to magick and other Traditions, and seen myself thrown in the Abyss of Naughtiness on a semi-regular basis.

I enjoy going to initiations, and help out at events up and down the country. Stick to what you're good at, right?


4. My main practice is Angelic, in a Chaos context.

I primarily trained myself on the Grimoire of Armadel, a little-known text which Mathers dug up in the Library of the Arsenal. This is an unloved text, although receiving a re-translation in the near future, and formed the basis for much of my study for a good seven or eight years.

My series of pathworkings, the Path of the Rose, is my current focus and a development from the Armadel, but I'm also researching the Trithemius system of Drawing Spirits into Crystals, and have worked plenty of other Planetary magick with angels.

Oh, I also said Chaos Magick there, didn't I. Well, if my only paradigm was the Armadel's pious and curiously Gnostic Christianity, I'd have a hard time getting on with everyone else, not to mention being part of O.T.O. So I have a broader metaphysical map of the universe, and while Gnosticism is definitely the overarching theme, I seek to test praxis, craft repeatable results, and develop a broad skillset, hence Chaos Magick being the best descriptor I can think of. Answers on a postcard if you disagree.

It has been my absolute delight and privilege to be a part of an extraordinary Chaos Magick working group for some years, and although the series of workings has come to an end, it has left me with lifelong friends just as important as my O.T.O. brethren.


5. I'm kinda crazy - but in a good way.

 Not pictured: Freezing fog crossing Salisbury Plain. Bloody Druids.

Not pictured: Freezing fog crossing Salisbury Plain. Bloody Druids.

Let's face it - I wouldn't be running around the country going to international events like the Art, Psychoanalysis & the Occult Symposium, followed by a set of initiations into O.T.O., then to a lecture on Isis in Egypt & India before immediately running a workshop on Liber Reguli, if I was playing with a full deck of Tarot cards. Yup, one weekend.

This does however place me in the perfect position to get to know the brilliant minds of the UK occult scene, and bring them together, so the above post for the Conference and the final round of speaker confirmations will hopefully show that the effort is worth it!


6. I love magick.

 Wizarding time!

Wizarding time!

Overall, everything I do is fuelled by the fact that I find utter joy in the act of magick, the experience of the infinite, and coming together with people who feel the same. That's why, despite my every intention before last month's event, I couldn't bring myself to give up running the Occult Conference in Glastonbury.

I hope you enjoy the events, I hope that you can see why I do this, and I'm looking forward to meeting you in real space in the future.