Immersive Workshop: Egyptian Ghost Dance

  • The Avalon Club High Street Glastonbury, England, BA6 9DS United Kingdom

The Visible College presents an Immersive Workshop with Mogg Morgan, founder of Mandrake Press and long-standing member of AMOOKOS.

Mogg will be with us for the Immersive workshop on Egyptian Ghost Dance, as showcased at The Occult Conference in February:

A workshop on reconstructed Egyptian magick of the papyri, using some simple techniques from Egyptian Ghsot Dance tradition, Zar, and Arabic sorcery.

We will work with a syncretic mantra of especial relevance to the Thelemic tradition.

There will be an initial lecture from midday, leading into the full seminar and ritual performance later on. In the evening, the bar will open for social time and grounding following the day's exertions.

Tickets £40 online for the whole day, or £10 for the lecture component.