TVC Autumn Session 2017: Before the Dawn

  • The Avalon Constitutional Club 50 High Street Glastonbury, England, BA6 9DX United Kingdom

The Visible College will be hosting another research-driven day of lectures by current authors and academics in the field of esoteric study.

Full schedule and lectures to be announced closer to the event, but here is our current line-up of speakers:

TVC Autumn Session: Before the Dawn
15.00 20.00
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  • James North
  • Elaine Bailey
  • Deja Whitehouse
  • Cavan McLaughlin

We are still waiting on one or two more to confirm, but if you think you have something really special to bring please email

Before the Dawn

This year's Autumn Session will examine the roots of the occult revival, the influences on the proponents and thinkers at the time, and those who are less well known. We'll also investigate our own journey into the occult and magick, and how we came to be here.

As well as lectures, there will be interactive components to the day, so expect to get involved and share with your fellows as we look into this fascinating period.

Tickets £15 advance, £20 from Lughnasadh.