Immersive Whole-Day Workshops

With such an absolutely brilliant response to the emphasis on workshops at The Occult Conference 2017, we can reveal the next stage in hands-on learning of magical technology.

We've now launched two of our Immersive Workshops, with more to follow!

What is an 'Immersive' anyway?

The hour-and-a-half workshops at TOC17 were great and raised the bar for what we can get done in a short amount of time, but what if you could learn even more about the subject and really get to grips with the technology?

The Visible College is very proud to offer a full day on a Saturday, broadly along this structure:

  • Lecture 12.00-2.00pm on the history of the magical practice, where it comes from, and why you might want to practice it. This will also be open to entry on the door.
  • Seminar 3.00-5.00pm talking through various aspects of the ritual itself, digging into the tech, and explaining how this can be taken back to your own working groups at home.
  • Ritual 5.00pm onwards, completing the workshop and giving the experience of this praxis from our fantastic speakers.

We will also offer 'An Evening With...' the night before on Friday, a more informal talk to let attendees get to know our speakers and hear some of their war stories. This will be a separate event at point of booking, and is not essential to the immersive experience.


Without further ado...


November: Draconian Magick

After a fantastic workshop led by Steve Dee, Michael Kelly will be joining us for more magick from the Apophis Current.

Event details can be found here, and tickets are now available:

Further events to follow...