Path of the Rose - Intensive

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Path of the Rose - Intensive

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The Path of the Rose Intensive course combines teaching on Qabalah and Angelic Mysteries with training in Astral and Visionary Magick, centred on 8 pathworkings spread across either a night and a day or two days.

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These pathworkings combined with the teachings constitute an inner-plane initiation in and of themselves. 

The Visible College tutors James North & Sef Salem will lead your group through the divine landscape at a Planetary level, meeting their angel, and understanding the mysteries of incarnation as described by these beings.

You can select to have a group of up to six, with one tutor, or up to 12, for both tutors. Please fill out the form to offer potential dates and we will email you to confirm times and places. The booking price is for TVC time and materials, not for room hire.


Sef is a knowledgeable, authoritative teacher and guide on this course. His solid presence was helpful and reassuring throughout. The course explored the links between the planets and the archangels: I was guided safely through the astral realms to several notable encounters. This vividly visual experience has shown me a little, at least, of those things beyond my daily conscious understanding of the world. I would recommend the course to all those interested in such matters. Thank you Sef.
— Cosmo T (2017)
Sef acted as an impressive, thorough and capable leader and guide; he was able to impart his sound knowledge of this pathworking with confidence and sure ability. The experience was remarkable in that, at times, I was able to see and anticipate some images before being guided to them. The vividness of the visionary work was striking and memorable. I have gained an enhanced sense of what is possible and of formally untapped knowledge. I would, therefore, give my highest recommendation to anyone interested.
— Sarah T (2017)