The Visible College is more than a collection of events, it is a treasure-trove of learning. Here are some of the amazing speakers lined up to talk throughout the next year, and why you need to hear from them, along with the vibrant hosts of the local teams across the country.

Geraldine Beskin

Proprietor of The Atlantis Bookshop, Geraldine is proud to count Dion Fortune and Aleister Crowley as foremost amongst their customers (although she is far too young to have met either of them). She will present on their work at the Autumn Session in Glastonbury, as she collects their first editions and her bookshelves fight for space with her collection of images by Austin Osman Spare - another customer. All that and numerous cups of tea make for a wonderful life.

Kim Huggens

Author of books and tarot decks, editor of anthologies, Young Tarosophist of the Year 2012, general badass Vodou chick who looks better than you do in chain-mail. Kim will be speaking about summoning dead dudes the classical way at the Autumn Session, opposite her necromantic nemesis Jake Stratton-Kent, and is leading the Divination section for the Occult Conference 2015.

Mogg Morgan

Early member of AMOOKOS and an affinity group called "The Companions of Seth", Mogg runs Mandrake of Oxford and will be hosting the Oxford Session in May 2015. Since publication of "Sexual Magick" in 1989 Mogg has developed a long relationship with the Egyptian god Seth, and will be talking at the Autumn Session on The Pharaonic Shaytan: Daemons of Ancient Egypt, informed by his new work Phi-Neter: The Power of the Egyptian Gods, which leads the section on Transgressive Spirits.

Paul Weston

A prolific author and lifelong student of the mysteries of Glastonbury, Paul's work takes him through the Thelemic and Arthurian currents to strange new places most can only dream of. Paul will be speaking on the events leading to the creation of Jung's Seven Sermons to the Dead, finding points of commonality with Crowley's Book of the Law experience and Liber Samekh, at the Autumn Session, leading into the wider discussion of Psychology and Magick.

Nigel Bourne

A one-man Rolodex of the original British witchcraft Rennaisance, and personal student of Alex Sanders. Nigel led the lecture and workshop on Alexandrian Wicca for the Occult Conference 2014, and is vastly overqualified to be our presenter and host for the Autumn Session's chat show. In 2015, expect an exciting lecture for the Midlands Session as we dig deep into Britain's folkloric history.

Julian Vayne

Originally the enfant terrible of the British esoteric scene Julian Vayne has finally settled down to a quiet life of chaos magic, witchcraft and, where it's safe and legal to do so, hard-core entheogenics. Author of The Book of Baphomet, Deep Magic Begins Here and a bunch of other stuff , he is also to be found curating museums galleries and still being curious about the Mysteries at Julian will speak on Strange & Sacred Drugs at the Autumn Session, leading the section on Ethnobotany in Magick.

Sian Humphries

An initiate of both Oakmist tradition and the New England Covens of Traditionalist Witchcraft, and member of the Builders of the Adytum, Sian currently runs the DragonOak coven. DragonOak is one of the most active covens in the South Wales area, with a history of nearly 20 years of practice, and trains seekers into witchcraft and then hermetic mysteries after initiation. Sian will be hosting the Cardiff Session for Samhain 2015, where we will examine the resurgence of the Dragon in popular culture.

Gordon White

The force behind -west London's fourth most popular chaos magic blog- and the fertility specialist that helped The Visible College to break through from the plane of ideas to the plane of dreams, Gordon will present An Archaeology of Dragons at the Autumn Session, leading the section on Revisiting Assumed Mythology. Gordon has tracked down archaeological mythology since before he could drive, and is a master practitioner of the Black Art of Media. He has been shark diving all over the Pacific, has previously worked for Discovery Channel and BBC Worldwide and once shot a documentary about a sunken city.

Jake Stratton-Kent

Britain's favourite Necromancer, author of intense magical grimoires, died-hard punk; if you want to know more, and have the courage, ask him yourself. Jake will be presenting alongside Kim on more recent necromancy for the Autumn Session, following his launch of the Testament of Cyprian the Mage.


And more to come...

We will be announcing further speakers as they are confirmed, and more sessions come to fruition.

Could you be a part of The Visible College? Who would you like to see? What are you waiting for?