The esoteric community has been waiting for this. There has been a pregnancy in the aether, and a hope in the hearts of seekers. The Visible College appeals to three people, broadly:

  • The seekers who need guidance as they step onto their path;
  • The veterans who are looking for something new or to share their experience;
  • The friends living for the community and the networking.

These groups are not exclusive, and you have something in common - the desire to come together and learn and share. We are all made of star stuff which has travelled the cosmos to unite with other slivers of the universe.

Would you like The Visible College to come to your area? Do you have a suggestion for an event, and a bunch of willing souls just looking for an excuse to have a party?

We need everyone who is interested, from the A Team of Chaos Magick to the rag-tag witches and warlocks, from Lodges to Covens to Groves to Facebook groups. Anyone and everyone can make something manifest, and we are looking to fill our 2016 calendar!